Yam pancake made its way to the Nigerian food scene recently, and it seems to be the perfect substitute for our usual yam and egg delicacy.

In this article, we will share our recipe for making yam pancakes at home in no time. Yam pancake has the same look with a pancake and a similar preparation process.

Just like a pancake, it is simple to prepare.

Here is how you can make yam pancakes in no time.


2 Eggs

1/2 Yam tuber

Vegetables (Onions, bell pepper, spring onions, carrot, etc.)



Nosak Vegetable oil

How to prepare

  • Peel and boil the yam, then mash properly when it’s done.
  • Break the eggs into the mashed yam, add the chopped vegetables, and mix properly.
  • Depending on how light you want it, you can add an extra egg if you notice the batter is too thick and mix again.
  • Season with salt and seasoning cubes (optional) to taste.
  • Place your pan over medium heat and add a little Nosak Famili vegetable oil. Allow it to heat.
  • Scoop with a deep spoon into the pan and use the back of the spoon to spread into a wider circle.
  • After a while, flip to the other side until both sides are brown. Ensure you use a frying spoon that is wide enough to avoid the pancake from breaking while you try to flip.

Your delicious yam pancake is ready. You can enjoy it better by dripping honey all over. Using sour cream or tomato ketchup is also another way to enjoy yam pancake.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this menu and other food ideas on our blog. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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