We are particularly thrilled about this recipe because of its uniqueness. This amazing recipe will make honey bean must-have on your market list!

The name “Honey Bean Milk” (also called Ewa Oloyin in Yoruba) was derived from the ingredients used in the preparation. Honey beans are rich in protein but low in calories.

There is a whole range of natural flavors like cinnamon, ginger, cloves you can choose from.

You will need

Honey beans- Ewa Oloyin


1. Soak your beans in enough water overnight. Leave the skin on. Honey beans are mild, so they should have softened and plumped up by the morning.

2. Drain excess water and pour a couple of handfuls of the soaked beans into a blender. Top up with enough water to more than double the level. You are not making MoinMoin or akara; it is a light fluid milk like soya milk. You need to leave the skin on the beans as most of the natural sweetness is found on the surface.

3. Blend until almost smooth.

4. Pour into a fine sieve, cheesecloth or fine mesh cloth and drain. The chaff should remain.

5. After sieving, the liquid “milk” should remain in the bowl. If it is too thick, add a little water.

6. Just like soya beans, you need to heat it up a little to get rid of the strong bean taste, leaving a light beany flavor. If you are using cloves, cinnamon or star anise, add them now so they can infuse into the milk.

7. Stir constantly, otherwise, it will start to curdle.

8. Add your flavoring, just a few drops. If you are putting any sweeteners like sugar or honey, now is the time to use them.

9. Let it warm up nicely for about 8 minutes or more until the bean flavor is no longer as strong. You can add more vanilla (or your choice of flavoring). If it thickens, you can loosen with a little warm water, and then pour into containers to chill in the fridge.


Your Vanilla Honey Bean milk is ready!