Vinegar results from the fermentation of alcohol by bacteria to make acetic acid. It can be referred to as the staple of all staples because people who use it probably use the liquid more often than any other product. Have you ever wondered why this amazing liquid is versatile? The acidic nature of vinegar makes it naturally amazing in the home, especially in the kitchen.

So today, we will share how you can use the wonders of vinegar in the kitchen. Who knows? You might just stock your house with different kinds of vinegar after learning about the incredible uses.

Get rid of sugar ants: All ants need to find their way to your home is to find a little piece of food, and they will be everywhere. The sight of ants is not usually pleasing, especially in the kitchen, and one simple way to get rid of them is using vinegar. Mix 50/50 solution of vinegar and water in a container, e.g. spray bottle and use directly on the ants and wipe them out with a paper towel.

Tenderize tough meat: The acetic acid in vinegar can soften the tough muscle of the meat and make it have more flavour. Add one or two tablespoons of vinegar to your meat or poke the meat all over with a fork and soak it in vinegar for an hour or two.

Eliminate cooking smells: You can get rid of the pungent cooking smell with vinegar by doing this: pour a cup of water in a saucepan or skillet, place on a stove and allow it to boil gently. The evaporation will release an odour-fighting power into the air until the smell goes away.

Clean faucets: Mineral buildups in faucets can cause a mess in the kitchen and vinegar can do the trick of making it run smoothly again. Fill a plastic bag with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar, tie it around the faucet, and leave it for about two to three hours.

Sanitize wooden cutting board: Bacteria can thrive on a wooden cutting board because of its porous surface. One way to disinfect a board is by soaking a cloth in a vinegar-water solution and wipe the board thoroughly.

Clean refrigerator: The refrigerator can be one source of a terrible kitchen odour and you don’t have to go looking for an air freshener if you have vinegar at home. Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray, allow the solution to stay in for a while, and wipe down with a cloth.

Clean kitchen floor: Vinegar is a homemade cleaning solution that can help cut through any grease caused by oil splatters and prevent anyone from slipping and falling. When you want to clean the kitchen floor, mix a half cup of vinegar with the water you want to use to clean or mop the floor.

Clean microwave: Cleaning food messes from the microwave can be tough, but it becomes very easy with the use of vinegar. Just boil a mix of ¼ cup of vinegar and a cup of water in the microwave until steam forms on the window and wipe with a clean damp cloth afterwards. This will leave your microwave looking brand new.

Boil cracked egg: Add a little amount of vinegar to the water when boiling a cracked egg. This will make the white firmer and prevent it from dispersing in the water.

Clean fruits and vegetables: Many vegetables and fruits get coated with chemicals to extend their shelf lives. Rinse off chemical by mixing 50/50 of vinegar and water then rinse again with ordinary water.

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