In recent times, there has been a lot of emphasis and hype around health and healthy eating; hashtag “FitFam”. And while deciding to be more deliberate about one’s health is important, it is not a very easy action for most people to take. This is majorly due to ingrained habits and the busy schedules of most people which makes breaking those habits hard.

Here are 5 simple tips you can take to weave a healthy eating lifestyle into your life.

  1. Swap Processed/Artificial Food For More Natural/Fresh Food

When you’re tired, it’s easy to reach for that can of soup for a quick fix. However, processed foods include unnecessary ingredients like sugars, “unhealthy” fats, high sodium content and preservatives making them unhealthy in the long run. Whole, fresh foods give your body nutrients without the high caloric baggage.

Start with 2-3 cooked meals a week to get going and always keep a few vegetables and fresh meats around for healthy alternatives to canned foods.

Replace processed foods with healthier substitutes when you’re grocery shopping. For example, instead of reaching for a can of soda or fruit juice, why not go with fresh fruits to make fresh juice and smoothies?

2. Have Recipes and Meal Time-tables

Write down and journal some quick-and-easy recipes you note from your meals, find from people, bookmark online etc. This helps you plan ahead of time so you don’t have to rush to any bad decisions. And yes, by “bad decisions”, we mean processed food.

3. Eat a High-protein Breakfast

Starting the day with carbs (like bread, potatoes, pancakes) may give you an instant energy boost but beware of that inevitable sugar crash that makes you want to eat more as the day wears on. A breakfast that’s rich in proteins (like eggs, beans, greek yoghurt etc) on the other hand maintains your insulin level so you burn sugar slowly for a stable energy output throughout your day. You’ll feel satiated and won’t be reaching for unhealthy snacks as much.

4. Snack Healthy

It is impossible to stop snacking entirely. Sometimes you want to reach out for a snack, whether after or before meals, in between working late night or just wanting something light. However, snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy.

So, instead of reaching out for fried or processed sugary snacks, make yourself a delicious snack treat with tasty fruits such as berries, fruit salads etc, veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, nuts etc.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Water helps to aid your digestion and helps with weight loss because it replaces sugary high-caloric drinks like soda or juice. It also prevents you from overeating because it suppresses your appetites and fills you faster.


Which of these tips did you find helpful? Which ones are you trying out? Do you have any tips of yours to share? Do let us know in the comment section.

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